Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well Esther had quite an adventurous evening about two weeks ago. Se cut her finger on a can while trying to be helpful by throwing it in the trash. She has now learned what it means to have an "oowee" and she doesn't let us forget about the one on her finger. She will often approach Brandon or myself and show us her "oowee" and even want us to kiss it better. It is so cute.

Two nights after she cut her finger on the can she was "helping" Daddy cook in the kitchen, yes you read that correctly Brandon is the chef of our family, when she reached over and touched the hot pan. Ouch, small burn on the tip of two fingers. But some aloe vera and a lot of love helped rather quickly. Nevertheless, she is having a few unfortunate learning experiences in the kitchen lately.

The two most beautiful children in the world, of course,
I am biased. Esther loves her little brother and will often
sit on the couch to talk to or play with him. Enoch likewise
loves his big sister and smiles ever time she comes around
him. I thought this picture was adorable.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Almost Christmas baby

We are so excited to have our beautiful little boy here and part of our family!!! I know I am biased, but I must say he is adorable. I thought I was a Mom when Esther was born, but now I am really beginning to understand what being the mother of a family is all about. Learning to balance to children is definitely more challenging, but what a blessing they are and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Enoch is such a wonderful blessing in our lives and his big sister loves to help take care of "baby Enoch", as she call him. What a wonderful girl!! I'm trying to get back into blogging so all who view this can be expecting more posts. I am posting a few pictures of Enoch and over the next week or two will post some more updated ones. We'll keep him!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What about Esther?

With all of this Enoch talk, Esther has been walking around the house saying out loud, "Mom, Dad, Esther". She repeats it over and over. We think she has been doing some kind of equation in her head. Well, I am so impressed with how much she has grown up since the morning she walked into her Mom & Dads room to see a baby in Mom's arms. Weird. This is Esther on her 2nd birthday, last 4th of July. She is gorgeous.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Enoch is here, er.. 2 weeks ago. :)

Well, A new years resolution is a wonderful thing, but mine work a little differently. I wait till the year is up, and then realizing I had utterly failed, I quickly change.
Some of you might have heard, or at least have figured; Enoch was born on the 20th of December. Ann is amazing as always, and I am so proud of her. She will eventually find out I am talking about her, because I think this blogging thing is something she wants to do, I just like messing with the code.
Anyways, back to Ann. The doctor came to the house at around 2:00 AM, and Enoch was delivered at 5:20AM.
Anyhow, Ann will post some pictures. Happy New Year everybody.

Friday, October 15, 2010


As Brandon has already said we haven't been keeping up on our blogging efforts lately. As most of you know we are due to have a baby boy on December 4th, so Esther will have a new baby brother!! We are so excited to welcome him into this world and to see our family growing. It's amazing what beautiful gifts our children are as they enter or prepare to enter the world. We love our little boy so much already.